Our Animal friends carry messages and medicine for us on our journey. Whenever one crosses your path seek their medicine and welcome a message.


Bear connects you to your power and intuition, as you seek your strength, you begin to stand in your power and work through your challenges and obstacles.

You are coming into your own, you may be coming out of a challenging and, or, heavy time in your life. You have been changed by the past, but you have also grown stronger;  focus on your strengths and have courage to protect all that you cherish. It is important to take time for yourself and those you love, this is a period of quiet time, reflection and rest before you take on the next steps.  Plan for the things you want to accomplish or work on, and if you need to, go on a healing journey for the next few months. Take the steps to heal by reading a book, talking to someone, getting advice from a professional in the field you need. Your intuition is strong, trust your gut instincts and the Divine will lead the way.

The bear also bring a strong grounding force of energy to you,  you will not fail or fall if you stay grounded and centered in your strengths.  Stand for your truths and beliefs, you are fully supported in who you are becoming. You may need to take a leadership role in certain areas of your life, the bear inspires you to be confident and accept any challenges that come as opportunities to see what your made of.

This mama bear is a strong force as well, taking care and protecting the children, raising them right and being the light that shines for them.  Something surrounding children will be helped, if you are worried about a child or children, know the angels are near them.  It is important we talk to our children and help them through their thoughts and feelings, and if we see another child being hurt or needing help, we must step in and do our best to light the way.


Fox has a way of figuring things out and making opportunities happen. Resourceful and adaptable, and in the midst of change, fox has a beautiful way of flowing with the tides.

Changes is in the air and some have already begun to unfold, this is an important time in your life. From life changes, to work changes, and everything in between, this is the time to go with the flow and let things unfold for you. Resisting and reacting against the flow only causes anxiety and setbacks, so instead, look at what is in your power to do. Be adaptable and flexible, as things start moving in the directions they need to go, do what you can to keep your balance and focus. Look at the magic of life and focus on the transformations you can, and will, create. It is important to use your wisdom and truth to guide you right now, you will need to tell the ego to be quiet as you take a chance on the changes you need to, want to, or have to make.

Fox asks you to see through any illusions or deceptions and be very discerning at this time. Observe and let things be shown to you. This is a time to be quiet and still as you gather information and clarity. You will uncover a few truths and your way around the situation when you bring awareness to what lies beneath, or, what is beyond the veil of illusion.  Look at the whole picture and not just bits and pieces, once you do this you will be able to take a wise and precise action that moves things around for you.

Fox is a mentally sharp animal that likes to know the bigger picture at all times, and plans a course of action according to the present surroundings. You need to pay attention to people and your surrounding with acute awareness, the truth is being revealed to you right now.

Be smarter about how you deal with certain people and situations, look for any lessons being shown to you and use these lessons to change any patterns and habits you may be repeating. This is a time of learning and evolving.

Fox is also fun, cunning and mischievous, always looking for things to make life more interesting, but be careful, too much mischief is no good. Have fun, be wild sometimes, live life, tend to your priorities and take care of yourself. This is the key to balance.


Hawk is open to perspective and flows with the movements of life. Seeking Universal truth and connection and bringing peace. clarity and inner spirit forward on the path.

Freedom is a symbol of the hawks medicine and represents your desire to spread your wings and fly. A time of adventure, learning and personal growth. A time for peace, connection and enlightenment.

Take some time to look at all those areas in your life that feel out of sync with your higher self, resolve to make the changes that are needed, even if that means you are the only one doing it. Hawk asks you to get clear on what you want by choosing to be the leader and rise above. There are many situations that could bring you down, but only if you let them.  Look at your distractions (habits, patterns, toxic behaviors, etc.) and begin to remove them from having a place in your life. It is important not to get wrapped up in what other people want from you or even what the situation demands from you, instead try to stay focused on your growth and expansion and even happiness.

Spiritual paths are lighting the way, using your inner light can help you to find balance and tune into your personal power.  Use The Law of Attraction to help you create the energy of momentum, or choose to seek inner peace and learn how to use it in your life. Make a choice to help your health, take on a new lifestyle. There are so many things you can do to change your reality, the first step is to take control of your power.

You may also need to help other people to “see” their light as you are a healer or an Earth Angel for others. This is why people are drawn to you. Use your love and compassion to help others with their challenges, it is important to know that not everyone comes from the same level of consciousness that you do, knowing this will help you to help them!

The hawk also carries a powerful message from the other side; all things are being taken care of and your loved ones are near you and your family at this time. Hawk can send messages to the other side as well, so if you have a message for the angels or your loved ones passed, send it out and know they can hear.

Hawk bridges the gap to the spirit world,  if you have recently lost your loved one, hawk brings the message that they are safe and sound.


Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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