Animal Spirit Medicine Reading

A Message For Your Journey

Animal Medicine carries a special message to us. All creatures such as insects, animals and birds bring signs and messages from Creator, Angels, Guides and our Loved Ones – look up the medicine when one crosses your path as there will be a message that will resonate with you in that moment.

PANTHER (Rebirth)

The panther has entered your life to help awaken your inner passion and spirit. After a period of change or transition there is a new you emerging and things are changing in the ways you need them to. You are feeling the urge to be more of who you need to be for yourself and life. Grow your confidence, courage and brave as they will help you move forward. Take some time for solitude and reflection. It is time to bring balance into those areas you know need it. No more procrastinating or using limiting belief systems to hold you back. This is a time of personal growth and transformations so be sure to acknowledge your goals and ideas for the future so that you can plan for them. You may be feeling pressure to be someone you are not, Panther reminds you to stand in your power and confidently choose your own kind of beautiful. It is okay to let go and set yourself free while you discover and uncover different pieces of yourself right now. Explore your uniqueness and control your fears by showing up for yourself today. There is always a light in the dark, always remember to turn it on.

Something will soon be revealed to you through divine synchronicity, there is a Universal force at work to bring you a clear vision and path forward. Your inner truth is a compass guiding you to a solution. Pay attention to what you are feeling and think about what that means to your wellness and path.

HONEY BEE (Nourishment)

The Honey Bee is a hard worker, it supports and nourishes Mother Earth and it takes time for the simple pleasures of life. If the honey bee has come Into your life you are asked to look at how productive you are being with yourself and those things that matter to you. Not in a way to come down on yourself, but instead as a way to make a more clear plan or schedule of your time and energy. You are engaged in a situation, project or experience that requires persistence and perseverance, stay grounded and channel in your strength and inner peace. Get organized and approach your projects and goals with commitment, diligence and inspiration.

Honey Bee asks some important questions: Are you enjoying what your doing and taking time to bask in your efforts and blessings? Is there anything new you wish to learn? How about an adventure you want to take?

Take time for the sweetness of life, there is much to enjoy and welcome in. This is a time of fertility for you and positive energy is flowing in.

TURTLE (Vibration)

The Turtle is slow, steady and versatile on both land and water. Adapting to the circumstances of life with ease, Turtle is in no hurry because it knows it has time. Turtle reminds you to have patience. If you are pushing for everything all at once you will surely become overwhelmed. If you are feeling frantic or things are fast paced, slow them down by taking a self-care day. There is a time and place for everything and you are always provided what you need as you go. Your projects and goals will reach completion, take it one day at a time right now, don’t skip steps or take shortcuts, be present in the flow as it will take you where you need to go. Any projects or ventures you embark on will be done with ease and grace, moving to fast through your experiences will only cause a delay, pace yourself.

You personal vibration needs you to check into the vibes of the Universe and lean on your inner power and faith. Take time to nurture yourself and simply observe the path you are on. You are a bit more sensitive to your life and surroundings right now and may be absorbing too much of the outer word and not enough of your inner light. Hit the reset and take some time away from the system so you can replenish and recharge. Raise your vibration today! use empowering thoughts and emotions to elevate your soul.

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