Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Reading

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Card 1

Inner strength is what it will take to build the momentum you are looking for. You are stronger than you think and with a little boost of self-love you, will be able to take the next step on your journey. Take this day to think about your strengths, those authentic healthy ones that have moved you through life. You have always gathered your strength, look back and yo will see… your inner strength is always waiting to be unleashed!

What do you desire to accomplish in the next month? What is on your heart and mind and how can you use your inner strength to guide you? Do some self-reflection, think about what your desires mean to you and what would need to happen to move you in the direction of their highest good. Do not be afraid of the journey to get there, empower you life and use your inner strength.

Card 2

Faith over fear, this is the way forward; having faith in the journey, in yourself and in your success. When you choose to have faith you give your experiences the opportunity to unfold in a natural rhythm of Universal flow. Things may not always work out as you hope but change still happens and you still grow. There will be blessings in disguise that appear in the moment or later down the road, you can have faith that you will know them in your life.

What can you give a little more faith to? Where are you “hoping” for something to happen but you don’t quite have faith in it? Hope is tricky, we must use it wisely. When you hope for something you need to have faith to back it up. Hope can sometimes cause doubts, for example, when you say “oh I hope so” or “I hope that happens but..” your energy may be saying “I hope so but I don’t believe so”. Now of course it can be hard to be hopeful without having a little bit of doubt as it is a natural response to life we have. You need to be clear though on what you want to believe in and where you use these beliefs to empower, or dis-empower you life. This is where faith comes in. Even with doubts, faith whispers keep moving; you are not alone; you can do this; things will work out how they need to; there is abundance ahead; you are guided; your hopes and dreams are valid. You are loved and supported by the Universe.

Use FAITH today and every day forward.

Card 3

Think of meditation as a calm and relaxed space you go to for a little bit of personal time and connection. When you meditate you access your higher-self and the Universe. You can use meditation as a tool for anything regarding the mind, body and spirit. Your meditation space can be in the garden where you feel at peace or on a hike in the woods, you can meditate in the morning, afternoon or night, any time of the day really. You can use guided meditations, music, journaling, daydreaming and so much more as a meditation to connect into your higher-self.

Do you want to feel more at peace? Need more guidance and insight? Feel like you need to recharge or renew your mental and emotional clarity? Want to connect to your inner guide and visions? Meditation can help! When you meditate you open up the channels of inspiration and Divine flow. Even if your mind is busy and you “don’t feel like you can meditate”, you are still giving yourself a moment of connection and space to breathe. That is the true gift of meditation, a space and time just for you to reconnect and recharge.

Give yourself the gift of meditation this week and see what comes forward for you.

Card 4

You wont know unless you try! so get grounded, set your intentions and spread those wings and fly. If you want to learn something new, go for it! If you are thinking of making a change, yes, yes, yes!! Remind yourself how worthy you are of success. Try new and exciting things. Change up your routine. Say YES to what you want and NO to the rest!

It takes courage to break away for the comfort zones but it is well worth it.

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