Affirmation Messages

Affirmation Messages

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Card 1

“There is divine energy flowing through me with love”.


Boost your momentum with love. Let love energy flow through you and transform those areas that need a little TLC. Whether it be a relationship, career, health, or experience, let love lead the way.

Is there a way that compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and respect can boost your momentum right now? Reflect on how an open heart and mind can help your journey right now.

You have the Universe flowing through you and you are surrounded in this love that supports your highest good.  Give whatever you are feeling, thinking or experiencing to the Universe as you allow yourself the opportunity to take the lead with love and understanding in your heart..

Love is being kind because you can.

Love is taking responsibility for your healing.

Love is being honest and truthful.

Love is self-respect, worth and self-care.

Love is saying no to what is toxic and yes to health and wellness.

So what is love to you right now?

Love is ________!!

Card 2

“Happiness is happening right now within me”


Boost your momentum with happiness. The kind of happiness that is derived from a simple state of being. This is a positive time and there are many ways to boost your momentum with happiness.

You are being reminded that happiness comes from within, and your thoughts, emotions, and reactions will create much of the foundations for your happiness. Your job, relationship, and experiences play a part in your happiness of course, but the most important is you! You are the conduit for your joy and happiness.

Your happiness is based upon your best-laid emotions and your engagement in life. It is based upon your self-love and respect, as well as the everyday passion you give yourself to thrive. Happiness is a force that you can embody at any time, anywhere in anything, even a storm can still be a place you can be happy in.

Look around you, and for the next three days, focus solely on what you are grateful for. Give thanks to it and for it being in your life. Revel in your inner happiness, that part of you, that regardless of the outside world, just wants to be happy.

What makes you happy today?

Card 3

“My intuition becomes stronger when I clear my mind and trust my instincts”

Boost your momentum by  taking a moment to clear your mind as you listen to your inner voice;  that part of you that is sending signs, signals, and senses through visions, thoughts, and feelings.

Take a step away from everyone and everything so you can gather your personal energy. Don’t place emphasis on what others need or want from you, this is a time where you will need to listen to your inner guidance and trust that what you are feeling, hearing and sensing are all messages and guidance for the highest good.

Listen to how your energy speaks to you when you are in a situation or around certain people, your energy will indicate what you need to do.

Trust the “stop, go, push, and pull” senses you get as this is your intuition leading you.

You have a knowing deep down that surpasses the doubts and fears. This “knowing” doesn’t stop you from having doubts and fears but it helps you to see past them with faith and clarity that your intuition is leading you down the right path.

Keep Shining xo

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