Naomi Mailhot

My Journey

Naomi is a spiritual psychic medium who has made it her journey to help those who are lost find their way to healing. With her profound connection to spirit, Naomi is able to give guidance and insight pertaining to the past, present and future as well as connections to loved ones passed.

She has come from losing everything to finding the spirit within her and so it is her mission to help you too. Her readings are deep, compassionate and truthful and bring through information that only you would know.

You will never leave feeling like you have no direction. As a spiritual healer and advisor, Naomi has been able to guide many down the path of their souls journey.

The way to healing and success is through your conscious choices and actions. As you align with your true-self, you ultimately align with the miracles of life.

– Naomi Mailhot

Naomi offers Guidance, Healing, Connections & more...

Spiritual Guidance

Connections for Comfort and Peace – Connection and healing that brings balance and harmony to your heart and soul. Bridging the gap between you and the Divine, your angels and guides and your loved ones passed. There is comfort and peace within our spirit connections.

Healing Paths

Getaway to Inner Power – Manifesting the best of you and creating the foundation for your success using the law of attraction, conscious awareness and your inner power to carry you forward.

Souls Journey

Experience the Power of the Healing Journey – Empowering and transformational coaching for the spiritually profound side of life. Get to know the miracle you are by tapping into your divine energy.

Spiritual Psychic Medium Naomi Mailhot offers Guidance & Insight
Spiritual Psychic Medium Naomi Mailhot offers Guidance & Insight

My Journey

I have been on this spiritual journey for a few years now and have discovered some incredible tools and practices that can help transform lives in beautiful ways. I came from being homeless and having no money to owning my business and supporting my family all on my own. Now it wasn’t all that easy, I have had to work hard every day and most importantly I have had to be willing to grow, evolve and expand into who I choose to be.

It is in my life’s experience and my spiritual background that I have become able to help teach and empower others to transform their lives and create miracles for themselves. I am a self proclaimed spiritual and transformational coach with extensive life experience in the school of life. My mission is to open up the miracles within each of you and show you how to own your power.

I have written and published an empowering transformational deck and guidebook to help you ignite the miracles in your life. I also offer spiritual and transformational coaching/workshops to give you more of what you need in an empowering way.

I practice meditation and offer mindful minutes to help get you present and standing in your power.

And of course, I am a psychic medium who can channel in the energy and spirit of consciousness. Angels, guides, your loved ones passed, they are all a spiritual connection away.


Start on Your Path Of Healing And Connection

Naomi offers many spiritual paths to help guide you in your quest for the healing and connection you seek.
Learn more on what reading would work for you.

Spiritual Psychic Medium Naomi Mailhot offers Guidance & Insight

What my clients say

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