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Naomi Mailhot connecting with the universe by meditating outdoors

Naomi Mailhot

The way to healing and success is through your conscious choices and actions. As you align with your true-self, you ultimately align with the miracles of life. – Naomi


The greatest gift we can give ourselves is healing, empowerment and connection. Bringing our mind, body and spirit into alignment with our authentic power in order to create the life we want to live.

As a spiritual guide, I have made it my journey to help you find your full authentic life force by allowing you to create pathways of success through a holistic and spiritual way of being. Using empowerment mindsets, healing tools and foundations, and spiritual connections, we can build a stronger foundation and platform for you to thrive.

As A medium,  I can give guidance and insight pertaining to the past, present and future, connections to loved ones passed, and spiritual coaching/empowerment. Mediumship is a tool I use to help bring a connection to the spiritual journey and the inner power we all have to heal our lives.

I have come from losing everything to uncovering the spirit within me, and I want to share my journey and healing with you. All of my readings and coaching services are empowering, compassionate, and truthful and bring you the information you need on the journey. All sessions offered are empowering and transformational and can help enhance your wellness and personal growth success.

Learning Tools I Use

Life Courses I have taken to enhance my knowledge: Transformational Life Coaching Course(Through UDEMY), Science of Wellness (through Coursera)

My own personal life experiences through addiction, loss, trauma and now healing and growth have taught me both personal wisdom and empowerment so that I can help others on their healing paths through mindsets, perspective shifts, belief empowerment and rediscovering their authentic self. It is through this and my spiritual background I have become able to help guide and empower others to transform their lives and create pathways for success. I am a self-proclaimed spiritual and transformational coach with extensive life experience in the school of life. My mission is to open up the miracles within each of you and show you how to own your power.

I have written and published an empowering transformational deck and guidebook to help you ignite the miracles in your life. I also offer spiritual and transformational coaching/workshops to give you more of what you need in an empowering way.

I practice meditation and mindfulness for my empowerment, and I offer personalized meditations to help get you present and standing in your power.

And, of course, I am a spiritual guide & medium who can channel the energy and spirit of consciousness. Angels, guides, your loved ones passed; they are all a spiritual connection away.

Naomi Mailhot - Spiritual Psychic Medium & Transformational Coach

Find Healing, Empowerment & Connection


Spiritual Guidance

Helping bridge the gap between you and the Universe. Guidance and insight from a spiritual perspective that can create stronger foundations and empowering mindsets.

Healing Paths

All paths lead to you! Embarking on a healing journey is the ultimate way to transform your life. Choosing your healing path takes courage and strength but you have what you need to start. Lets find out what healing path you are on today and cultivate peace, love and clarity moving forward.

Souls Journey

Fate, destiny, it is all relevant, and your journey is made just for you. Sometimes we hit road blocks and challenges, and we go through some pretty heavy stuff. This is why we need to reach out to the Universe and connect to our inner power. The Souls Journey session can help bring enlightenment, healing and empowerment to your path today.


I have been on this spiritual journey for 10 years now and have done a tremendous amount of  personal growth and healing. I have discovered some life-changing tools and practices along the way that can help transform all aspects of life in beautiful ways. I came from being homeless, lost in who I was, my trauma’s, and at a personal rock bottom, to taking back my power, healing my heart and mind, owning my business and supporting my family in healthy ways. Of course this was not a smooth or easy road, but it was a transformational one and worth every step.  I have had to work hard every day and most importantly I have had to be willing to grow, evolve and expand into who I choose to be. I used to have no faith or belief in my own success and I struggled mentally and emotionally, I had severe depression and addiction that controled my life for many years. Through my many traumas I got lost along the way but always knew deep down I wanted more to life. More meaning and connection. More love. More light. When I hit my rock bottom at 33 years my whole life changed, I could either give up and leave or start creating a new path and foundation. I chose creation. I chose to see the miracle of life through my spirit and my childrens love. I chose to help myself grow and evolve. I chose to love myself enough so that each day I could find new pieces of me. Healing took a great deal of inner strength, I dint have to want to heal, I had to choose to heal. Letting go of limiting and negative beliefs was the most amazing opportunity I gave myself, it opened so many doors to my health and wellness.

On this journey I rediscovered my faith, spirit and my inner truth as I stepped into my Authentic Self. Healing wounds, empowering my beliefs and taking back my power from the spaces and expereinces where I had left pieces of myself. I call this my Soul Journey now, the miracle of becoming who I choose to be.


Thank you for being on this journey, know you are worth it.



Naomi Mailhot standing in a field of grass with a crystal singing bowl

What My Clients Say

Immediate Sense of Comfort

A felt an immediate sense of comfort as soon as I was in Naomi’s presence. I will be forever grateful that our lives connected. I started with a session connecting to loved ones passed. Naomi told me things that absolutely no one knew about a recent death in my family. The way she engaged with the other side was mind-blowing and an absolute talent. After our session, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and wanted to continue to work together. Naomi’s Soul Empowerment Sessions are exactly what you need if you have no idea where to start with your spiritual awakening. She’s humbling and oh so good with what she does. She teaches on a deeper connection. She knew exactly where to start and go with each session and has opened me up to my own light. I can’t express the energy that radiates after each session. Naomi, you’re stuck with me now.

– Ashley Colberg (Sessions)

Incredible & Truly Gifted

Naomi is incredible and truly gifted. She was spot on about everything, and I left feeling like a different person with a new perspective. I loved her honesty and her ability to speak the truth. The session was intimate and personal. I would recommend her to anyone; it was the best reading I’ve ever had!

– Janelle B (Sessions)

Guidance, Direction or Reassurance

Had a reading with Naomi this afternoon and she was amazing. I actually won her giveaway she did recently and I am soo grateful I had the chance to meet her. I highly recommend for anyone needing some guidance, direction or reassurance!

– Nessa Riley (Sessions)

Can't wait to do it again!

Had a one-hour reading with Naomi this morning. I have been to her once before. Naomi, you are so amazing at what you do. Such an awesome experience that I will never forget I cant wait to do it again!!!

– Courtney Thompson (Sessions)

She's the real deal

Exceptional facetime reading with Naomi where several loved ones came through. Much to my surprise, she re-iterated something that was told to me by a psychic-medium I saw 21 yrs ago. Naomi was able to bring forth information I had specifically requested from my loved ones and had written it down on paper prior to the reading. She’s the real deal. Thank you for such a healing session.

– Alli DM (Sessions)

I wish it was longer!

I won a reading from Naomi and it was such a wonderful experience. She covered so many different topics and it’s just amazing what she was able to tell me. It made me wish the session was longer and I am considering having another session one day. Thank you Naomi!

– Lacey Bartholow (Sessions)

Utterly Amazing!

My husband & I had a reading on July 3, let me tell you, Naomi is amazing, utterly amazing. We had a 1/2 hour appointment and I wish we had an hour. Naomi gave us so much detail about our loved ones who have crossed over. We shed some tears, but it warmed our hearts. I can’t say enough about Naomi, she’s incredible. I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone and everyone who requires insight for the future and connections to loved ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


– Susan & Larry (Sessions)

What An Experience!

Had a session with Naomi today, and it was amazing what an experience! I will definitely be seeing her for more sessions when she is in Calgary again!

– Valerie Ann (Sessions)

Filled with gratitude for the workshop!

I attended Naomi’s Transform Your Life workshop and it was amazing. The 4 hours flew by and helped me reaffirm that I am on the right path. The card deck she designed and uses was SPOT ON, and I will get tons of use out of it. I will be recommending this workshop to a few people. I cried with gratitude when we finished the workshop with a meditation bc I was full of gratitude for the reminder that I know my truth and the Universe is supporting me in it. Thank you Naomi!

– Alli Anderson (Workshops)

Wonderful and Genuine

Transforming Your Life is a wonderful workshop. Naomi is so genuine and well-spoken. Truly an inspiring afternoon.

– Shelley Deatherage (Workshops)

Highly Recommended

Highly recommend taking courses with Naomi. I was captivated from the very beginning. the 4 hours flew by. I took a ton of notes. drove 2 hours home. happy. reflecting on my day. opened my notes and I was sad I didn’t take more. Can’t wait for a book!!! Thanks, Naomi for motivating me! Going to use my new tools every day!

– Niki Underwood (Workshops)

Empowering and amazing!

Had the most empowering and amazing day at the transformation workshop, love Naomi’s energy and ability to connect at such an authentic level is the only way or words I can find on how she truly empowers me to keep growing and healing in my personal spiritual journey.
I am a F#*#*#*# MIRACLE!

– KJ Mulak (Workshops)

So Amazing!

Naomi was so amazing with myself and my husband. Everything she told us was bang on. I totally recommend anyone that feels they need to contact their loved ones to go see Naomi. She will make you feel welcomed, relaxed and comforted. I give her a 5 star.

– Shelley Hogg (Sessions)


Great insights and reading her posts can make one feel hope in their lives.

– Nicole Craig (Posts)

Naomi Is Incredible!

The most amazing experience my husband and I could’ve asked for. Naomi is incredible!

– Dawna Desales Ordez (Sessions)


Had an amazing session with Naomi , very emotional of what my messages were received to me, literally no one could of known or look up , very amazed.

– Ashley Bandurak (Sessions)

Spot On!

She definitely has a special gift, she was so spot on with everything. It was my first time doing a reading and it was therapeutic, I will recommend her to everyone!

– Chloe Orcutt (Sessions)

She made a believer out of a skeptic!

5 stars! I’ve had a few readings done with Naomi for a few years. We recently had a family reading with Naomi & made a believer out of a skeptic. I would recommend an have recommended her to a few family & friends. If you want a good accurate reading I would not hesitate to recommend Naomi.

– Arlene Mcnab (Sessions)

She Blew Me Away!

Naomi is truly one amazing lady. First reading ever had no idea what to expect. She blew me away….unanswered questions are now clear to me. Thank you, Naomi, for everything. If you haven’t seen her you most certainly need to.

– Jamie Machatis (Sessions)

Awesome & Accurate!

What an amazing reading I had with Naomi! You are so awesome and accurate. It was so nice to have my loved ones come through. You are such a loving, kind and gentle soul. I cannot thank you enough for the messages you gave to me. So thank you very much!

– Darlene Rickard (Sessions)

Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience with Naomi. I was comfortable and relaxed. I was able to connect with my loved ones so quickly. I highly recommend Naomi!

– Caitlin Koehler (Sessions)

First Reading - Amazing!

I had my very first reading this afternoon and I just want to say that Naomi is a very gifted person. I’m amazed at the information that came out through my reading and I’m already looking forward to my next session. Thanks so much, Naomi!!

– Stacey Ball (Sessions)

Naomi Mailhot walking down a grass path to the river

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