7 Ways To Empower Your Life Now

7 Ways To Empower Your Life Now

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With everything going on in our lives today it is imperative that we find ways to help ourselves empower and strengthen our success on all levels of mind, body, and spirit. I have found that staying present and focused on who I want to be helps me to create the environment to which I am able to thrive in even if I am dealing with a challenge, these 7 ways to empower myself are what I turn to.


Set a daily intention

It does not matter how big or small it is, setting a daily intention can, and will, help you stay focused and on track. Use a journal to help you communicate with yourself as you write down your intentions and what you want to accomplish. These intentions can be anything from creating more time for yourself to quitting your job step by step, to starting a new adventure with your first goal in mind. Honestly, the intention you put effort into will be the one that grows.


Divert your attention to how you want to truly feel.

This is one of the key lessons I have learned in life, to choose how I feel, because I am that powerful in my life just as you are. This doesn’t mean that you will always feel good and well, some days will try to take you way from your power and you will need to remind yourself to have your back as you pull yourself together and choose to engage in your mental and emotional health with clarity and courage.


Be the change

I must say, this is by far one of the best ways to empower yourself and your life. Becoming the change you wish to see is about aligning with the core values of love, compassion, truth, understanding and peace, which in turn creates a ripple effect in your life and upon the lives of others. Think about your situation and ask yourself how you can be the change you are looking for, think about what that means and what it asks of you.



Celebrate what’s thriving

Have a dance party, give cheers to the goodness in your life, turn up the appreciation volume. You can celebrate what is thriving, in fact, you should be doing so at least once a week if not every day. Count your simple blessings, bloom where you are planted.



Take another look

I know, you have probably looked at it from all angles, whether it be your finances, the situation, relationship, job, but try again only this  time be open to all possibilities, truths, changes and yes even challenges that may come from choices and decisions. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities and silver linings.


Pick up a resource to help you out!

Books, articles, a professional, all these knowledgeable resources are at your disposal to use. Education yourself helps you to re-frame and transform your thoughts, emotions, mindsets, and beliefs.



I like to push the reset button from time to time, it is this button I envision in my mind when I am feeling less than empowered in my life. I hit this reset button with the intention to take a day away from it all to reflect and renew my connection with myself. To empower yourself you must stay connected to your truth, visions, and goals. Hitting the reset button signals your ego to pause and your higher-self to come forth and help guide you.

Keep Shining xo

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