4 Gut Instincts You Should Never Ignore

4 Gut Instincts You Should Never Ignore

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Why Is It So Important To Trust Your Gut?

Your gut holds an abundance of energy and is one of the most sensitive places in your body, it has the ability to sense energy on all levels including food energy, people energy, and anything that sends off an electromagnetic or energy wave; The gut is truly a magnificent piece of our anatomy.

It is so important to trust your gut because of the sensitivity it does have to energy, when your gut kicks in, it is because it knows something underneath all that human noise and it sends a signal to you to pay attention and be aware. When you experience an overwhelming “gut feeling,” your body is carrying out a primal response on a subconscious level and using all your cellular receptors to get in touch with you.

There is a difference between a Gut Instinct and Intuition, although they go hand in hand, the gut instinct is more primal, it acts out of pure instinct and conscious Universal wisdom. Gut instincts have this direct blunt impact, whereas intuition is a more subtle knowing or feeling within your consciousness. Gut instincts are a more emotional reaction, a hunch that is heightened, or an emotion that goes deeper than what you can feel or explain in your human form.

Here are 4 Gut Instincts you should never ignore!

“Something doesn’t feel right”

You have said it many times in your life and ignored it a few or more times only to find out that “feeling” was right on the money. Looking back, you still may not know what that feeling was, but it was like it hit you where it counted and your mind, body and soul aligned with it. The reason you ignored it? You didn’t trust yourself enough or you were letting a fear or doubt take over. Always trust that “feeling” that comes out of nowhere yet hits you in every inch of your being and leaves you knowing that something is not right.


“This feels right and aligned”

There is a distinct difference between the “something doesn’t feel right” and the “this feels right and aligned” – it is all in the way our senses send out the vibes.When it feels right, it just feels right, your energy aligns, you feel at peace with the excitement, and your inner voice is supporting your good vibing instincts.

The gut instinct that feels right will still come with some fear, but it will leave you a more enjoyable feeling. Situations, people, and experiences line up and synchronicity is hard at work to show you exactly what is aligned and on the right path for you. This instinct also feels exciting and supportive of your highest good.


“I feel I need to do this”

You could feel you need to act on a goal, idea or project. You could have a gut instinct to help someone out or ask someone for help. You may feel you need to go to a certain place to get your groceries not knowing that you felt this way because you were to bump into a friend or long-lost love. The feeling that you “need” to do something comes with an intuitive vision, one where you can have the thought, feeling or idea to do it.


“I have seen all these signs”

If you have to ask if it is a sign, trust that it is. Trust your gut when a sign comes your way.

You see them but you may not know what they mean, or maybe you just brush them off and keep going about your day. It is important to keep a note of your signs and then look up the meanings behind them. Apply the meanings to your present life and the questions or answers you have been seeking guidance on.

Signs Your Instincts Are Kicking In

Pay attention to these signs:

  1. A sudden feeling of unexplainable feelings washing over you like fear or elatedness.
  2. A strong nudge or pull in a certain direction.
  3. Full-body chills, goosebumps, energy sensations throughout the body.
  4. Feelings of physical uneasiness or nausea around certain people, places or situations.
  5. Feeling on “high Alert” like your senses are on overload.
  6. Hearing/sensing a clear inner voice inside of you directing you.
  7. Repeated numbers, quotes, messages and songs that “hit” you in the gut as a sign.

You might experience all or a couple of these signs/senses when your gut instincts are taking the lead.

Keep Shining xo

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