3 Mindful Minutes Of Truth

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3 Mindful Minutes of Truth

This 3 Minutes of Truth is a mindful meditation you can use to help you clear away the mental clutter and get to the core of what you are needing in your life. The truth sets us free, although it is often discomforting and scary, it is also liberating and incredibly transformational.  As you let your truth rise you must be gentle with yourself, others and your life. Acceptance and understanding are best done with love in your heart. To be mindful brings you empowerment, and in the moment of truthful vulnerability, you can think, feel, hear, and see more clearly. It is important never to ignore what you need on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. It is powerful to take care of the mind, body, soul and spirit. As you honour your truth you may experience some anxiety, tension, fear and stress, so make sure you take extra care of yourself.  

Set a space to encourage your presence in your mindful minutes. Light a candle, get comfortable, play some soft meditation music in the background. Keep a journal beside you so you can write things down that come to you after your mindful minutes. 


For the first minute allow yourself to deeply inhale and exhale as you allow your truth to rise. Let your thoughts, emotions, visions and memories rise as you give them the freedom to be with you without resistance of any kind. See where your emotions fly free and where they are blocked. See where your thoughts are powerful and where they are negative. See what you want, and what you don’t want.

Letting your truth rise activates your conscious awareness and inner power. Some truth may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary. Other truths may be liberating, while some may feel even heavier, it is ok, don’t stop the truth from rising. This minute is to become mindful and aware.


In the next minute let your breath fall into a natural rhythm as you allow yourself the time to accept your truth with love and understanding.

Love what has come forth to you, welcome in the bigger picture or the clarity that truth brings. Then allow for understanding, remember that you may not always know what lies ahead, but you have an inner power and all you need to know is that you can follow your truth. Allow the Universe to help you with your truth by now taking a moment to ask for guidance and empowerment to work with the truth that has come to you.


Still breathing naturally, take this next minute to focus on the steps and plans you need to make to follow your truth and empower your path. See your inner strength rise, feel your inner power grow; sensing the connection to the Universe as you empower your faith and visions.

In this last minute remember that it is important to set a goal or plan. If your truth was to leave your job, then before you do that you must set the steps into motion and be patient with this plan. If your truth was to be better to yourself, then you must think of the ways you can do this and put that plan into action right away.

An example plan for a truth that has shown you healing is needed would be to

  1. Love yourself
  2. Reach out for help
  3. Start learning new ways to heal
  4. Care about your wellbeing
  5. Get a book or resource on specific healings you desire (emotional, relationship etc)

The list could continue as you take new steps.

At the end of your three minutes take a deep breath in and you slowly inhale your power. visualize it coming into your energy and expanding. On the breath out you will let out a big sigh and release all your fears to the Universe.

Repeat 3 times.

Keep Shining xo

These mindful meditations are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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