Spiritual Bad-ass?

You Are Going To Want To Be!

We all want to be bad-ass at something! Who doesn’t want to rock their own world and stand in their power right? I know my whole life I desired to be amazingly good and empowered by something, I just never knew what that fully looked like. It wasn’t until I was 33 years old that I looked at who I wanted to be and what I needed to do to become the best version of myself – the Spiritual Bad-ass version of me! I wanted to take life and figure out how to let it thrive. I wanted to feel whole and happy as well as balanced. I especially wanted to create a reality that I could feel empowered by and that would support me and my highest good. I had to get clear on what I wanted, what I valued, and what I stood for as a human being.

We all need to do a little soul searching and decide what choices we are going to make to better our lives that is the fundamentals of being a spiritual bad-ass, making waves through consciousness and soul! You can be a spiritual bad-ass with the Universe by your side and living life to the fullest and feeling more like your True Self.

 So, what does it mean to be a spiritual bad-ass?

  1. You know your worth and you have your back.
  2. You have two feet and a heartbeat, and you never take it for granted.
  3. You know there is no one else like you and so you must represent yourself with all your love and truth.
  4. You know that the past cannot hurt you when you let it go and heal.
  5. You keep your heart and mind open because you know there is more going on than meets the eye.
  6. You trust and have faith that the Universe has your back.
  7. You know you have a choice at all times and you take the time to use you freedom of choice wisely.
  8. When you start to self-sabotage you catch yourself before you wreck yourself by inserting your higher-self and consciousness.
  9. You say “yes” to those things that are good for the soul and “no” to the things that are draining and toxic.
  10. You want to make a difference in everyone’s life in a positive way.
  11. You own your shit and take responsibility for your actions, emotions, and thoughts.
  12. You believe in miracles, expect miracles and embody miracles. You know you’re a living breathing miracle.
  13. You’ve got better things to do than engage in negativity.
  14. You live with the desire for peace, love, and harmony.
  15. You don’t put up with bulls**t. Your assertive yet peaceful when you decide enough is enough.
  16. You know you are never alone there is always someone or something that can help you.
  17. You are not afraid to ask for help. You know it will empower you.
  18. You have a deeper sense of consciousness and see things from a higher perspective.
  19. Your faith is strong and connected to the Universe (God, Angels, Buddha – Whatever that may be for you)
  20. You are not afraid to unfollow the crowd.
  21. You listen to your intuition and inner guidance system.
  22. You have decided to implement spiritual practices and tools to help you with life, such as meditation, journaling, mindfulness, and awareness.
  23. You know what forgiveness means and what it does.
  24. You move from wanting to doing.
  25. You empower others just as much as you empower yourself.
  26. You accept others for who they are knowing that people change when they are ready. You have a choice if they stay or go when it comes to your life.
  27. You know everyone is fighting their own battles and judgment is not needed.
  28. And last but not least, you want to be the change this world needs and you will do everything in your power to be the best version of yourself.

Keep Shining xo

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