2022 Empowerment Reading Messages and Affirmations to help you on your journey. Think about what your message means to you and how you can apply it to your life right now. Create a theme for the year of 2022 and remember to love the simple beauty of life and count your blessings. Much love xo

Number 1

We hold onto many layers of truth: truths we’ve learned from our parents, the ones we’ve learned during experiences, and the ones our ego holds on to in order to lovingly protect us from the world. It is time to peel back the layers of truth and get to know what yours really is

Sacred Creators Oracle

What is your honest truth?

Have you ever asked yourself what you believe in or what your truth really is? At a time in your life where you may feel lost or pulled away from your power, it is important to get to know this honestly and with full intention to listen to what your soul says. 2022 will be whatever it wants to be, and you will be who you need to be. Now is the time to welcome in your truth with respect and love as you follow where it leads.

Affirmation: “The Universe fully supports me as I follow the truth within my soul

Number 2

Time is always on your side. The Universe has brought you right here, right now. Be. Here. Now.

Sacred Creators Oracle

You are on the right path, there is no place you need to be other than right here right now. You have all you need to move forward. You know the challenges ahead. You can feel the uncertainty of the next step, yet you feel certain you can do this. Remember your power to choose. Remember how far you have come and all the lessons gained. You are not helpless or stuck, you are in transition. Moving towards the experiences, goals and successes you desire. Even in a pandemic, you have the power to BE YOU.

Affirmation: When I become actively aware of my presence, I become presently aware of my power in the moment.

Number 3

It is the perfect time to follow through with people, dreams, projects, promises, and ides; tying up loose ends will allow you to interact with integrity, and keep all your energetic resources intact

Sacred Ceators Oracle

Are you following through and following up with those “important to you” things in life? Have you started something only to leave it unfinished?

It is time to work on the things you have left on the backburner, yet you know they need your attention. Think of this chapter as tidying things up and setting foundations.  Leaving something like a project or conversation floating or unfinished can energetically drain you and cause blocks that you just don’t need. Take a look at what you need to finish, close, or bring closure to, in order to move forward. Give yourself permission to let go of what no longer serves your highest good and reclaim your power to create new and improved foundations.

Affirmation: I give myself permission to release all toxicity in my life, in all areas.

Number 4

Your subconscious beliefs around prosperity (and what it means to find success) will hinder or help your ability to manifest.

Sacred Creators Oracle

The way you think and connect to the energy of abundance and prosperity will require your empowered self. Your relationship with prosperity and abundance will be important to grow in a healthy way in this next chapter. This means working with your mindsets and beliefs surrounding money and finances as well as being responsible in respect to spending and saving. Of course money is made, we work for it and that can be trying at times for sure! When times are tough or things are tight, hone in on your skills to create balance and clear directions for your financial situations. create a clear budget and plan for your finances in 2022 as best you can. The Universe is always here to lend a helping hand even with money so remember that money is a form of energy, it is a give and take, and your beliefs are important to the inflow.

Affirmation: The Universe will create miracles for me, and with me.

Number 5

It is time to accept and receive! Be open to unusual and unexpected support that confirms the Universe is opening up for you. Learning to accept love and praise, accepting your worth, will help bring prosperity into your life.

Sacred Creators Oracle

What do you wish to receive more of in your life? Love? Peace? Healing? Success? A break from the struggle? Know that you are worthy of the things you want to receive, and you will have to be a co-creator in helping make it all happen. You are worthy and the Universe is here for you. There will be many serendipitous encounters with people, situations, and experiences along the way. You have probably recently had a few things happen that are serendipitous in taking you where you need to go right now. Accept and receive the highest good of the Universe and know that energy grows where intentions flow.

Each day is a new day to create with, and although you will not have all the answers right away, you will have the signs and connections to guide you. Be present and practice becoming more in tune. It is a good time to enhance your intuitive power.

Affirmation: “Deep breath in… it is important to center my energy before I start the day

Number 6

The future belongs to who you are becoming. If you have reached a fork in the road it is time to make a choice that will allow you to grow into the most beautiful version of you. Know that by not deciding, you are making a choice to stay in the same stop. Not deciding is a decision.

Sacred Creators Oracle

If your 2022 had a theme it would be a year of movement and choices that align with who you wan to be.

What have you learned in the past few years that has taught you a valuable lesson in life? These lessons learned have helped you become more aware of what you want, and, what you do not want. This wisdom is what guides you moving forward. Turn your focus where you want to go and who you would like to become on the journey of self discovery. Write out a list of your goals and dreams and look at what the means to you. Do a “year end review” and reflect upon your what choices you could make today (not a resolution because of the new year!) to help you conquer your fears and doubts. The journey is not easy all the time, but with courage and strength, you can create that movement you desire. Build yourself up, give yourself the opportunity to succeed.

Affirmation – “The most valuable relationship is the one I have with myself

Number 7

At the core of your cells and your atoms, your are tiny strings of vibrational light energy. This light interacts with other lights around it and emanates a signature that is only yours. Offer kindness to strangers, radiate love, healing and compassion wherever you are.

sared Creators Oracle

I heard a song when I pulled this card and I started singing it in my head. A song by Thomas Rhett called Be The Light

A powerful message to receive, reminding everyone to respect their light and be responsible for how they shine it. I know, it can be tough, there is so much heavy energy out there, and you will need to take care of you as priority. Filling your cup with the things you love and replenishing your light as needed. Your year of health and wellness is about to begin, how do you want to replenish your light? What makes your soul float? How can you be the light?

You have so much light surrounding you, tap into it and go full force into the universe. Hone in on you limiting beliefs and crush them with the faith of the Universe! Spend some time if meditation, in nature or wherever you need to go to recharge and renew…do this as much as you can and need. You have this incredible light that people are drawn to and you leave a valuable impression everywhere you go.

The light is with you, remember you have the Universe, your Angels and you loved ones above shining their light for you.

Affirmation: “My inner strength empowers the momentum of success

Number 8

You are ready. You feel it in your soul and you hear it in your heart. A time of second chances. You are being gifted a redo with all of the rebirth energy of the phoenix.

Sacred Creators Oracle

This time you get to decide where you will go and what you will do. You are letting the past be what it is as you take your beautiful self onward and upward. This is your year for healing, your time for self love and respect. Your evolution and personal growth journey has begun. You are rising with every step you take towards your health and wellness.

Take a moment to regroup, what has come to you to be healed? What are you emotionally and mentally exhausted from and how can you take the lead and help yourself work through it? Healing happens daily, you can be the victim or you can be the empowered one. You can absolutely feel what you need to! but do not fester in it and drown yourself. Create some healthy foundations with tools and resources to replenish the soul.

You are healing with every choice you make to do so.

Affirmation: “I am healing daily all that comes to me to be healed

Todays cards are from

1. The Sacred Creators Oracle Deck by Chris Anne and

2. The Transform Your Life deck by Naomi Mailhot

all readings are to empower and inspire and are to be used at your discretion.

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