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Individual, Group and Workshop Sessions available.  Please feel free to contact Naomi to discuss which session would best suit your needs.

Empowerment Deck

Transform Your Life &
Create Miracles

This empowering deck offers you the chance at a new life, helping you to retrain your mind, heal your life, and ignite the miracles within you.

Experience the Power of the Healing Journey

Empowering and transformational coaching for the spiritually profound side of life. Get to know the miracle you are by tapping into your divine energy.


Getaway to Inner Power

Manifesting the best of you and creating the foundation for your success using the law of attraction, conscious awareness and your inner power to carry you forward.


Connections for Comfort and Peace

Connection and healing that brings balance and harmony to your heart and soul. Bridging the gap between you and the Divine, your angels and guides and your loved ones passed. There is comfort and peace within our spirit connections.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I am so very pleased with my reading with Naomi.  She had so many things to tell me and important messages. She confirmed some stuff I had self doubts about. She pointed out things that I need to put my attention to. Her reading was unique and spiritually up-lifting. She is gentle and has a true gift for providing what you need to hear at this time. I feel blessed to have her guidance and share her gifts with me. I will continue to call on her as needed. Thank you so much Naomi!

Kendra Keir

Absolutely life changing experience with Naomi. She helped my mom & I get the closure that we needed, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Naomi knew things that nobody could have & I recommend anyone to go to her.

Cassy Wildermuth

The most amazing experience my husband and I could’ve asked for. Naomi is incredible!

Dawna Desales Ordez

The moments and people she touched on in our meeting were overwhelmingly accurate and I’ve seen things she said come to fruition! I was skeptical at first but by the end realized his woman has a special gift!

Chelsea Pretty

In my reading with Naomi she was 100% accurate and things no one else knows she has an amazing gift
I believe she is here on this earth to help and she does it so well.

Jaime Davey

Her words & tools were set forth to empower me, help me get over the hump of fear & doubt. Then she shared a message from my grandfather that I wasn't expecting that further validated what she was saying. I'm so grateful & honoured that I had the privilege to receive this gift. I've spoken with her before & thought that was that Awwww moment but after today the proper walls are standing tall & the healing begins. I'm moving forward with life with a new vision & light

Holly Frick

I have had several readings with Naomi and every time it has been astounding!! I recommend Naomi if you want a truly gifted Psychic to give you a powerful and uplifting reading.

Heather Gilette

Naomi told me things that no one ever knew and some things I had to confirm with my mother as I was unsure of myself about my father and she was spot on with everything she said right down to details as a newspaper and coffee in a certain mug in a certain room! She gave me so much relief from my reading I can not thank her enough totally 100% correct in everything she says would give her my time and money for a reading any day which I will be doing when I next feel stuck in life. Thank you so much, Naomi your awesome with your gift and whole hearted person! 100% recommend her!

Angela Hardstaff

I had an amazing experience with Naomi. I was comfortable and relaxed. I was able to connect with my loved ones so quickly. I highly recommend Naomi!

Caitlin Koehler

I had a reading done with Naomi on a friends recommendation and couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. From the very first sentence she said i knew there was absolutely no way this was not real. She nailed it right out the blocks. She opened my eyes and gave me the courage to make a huge change in my life but more so I was prepared for what may come with it. I find I want to talk to her every time I feel in shambles looking for hope. Her personal truths she shared with me felt like I already had a connection to her. She is a brave and talented woman.

Heather Coates

She was spot on with EVERYTHING and answered the questions I have been pondering lately! And she is so nice. I definitely will be calling her again!

Cari Mugz

What an amazing reading I had with Naomi! You are so awesome and accurate. It was so nice to have my loved ones come through. You are such a loving, kind and gentle soul. I cannot thank you enough for the messages you gave to me. So thank you very much!

Darlene Rickard

Naomi is amazing! She is such a kind and compassionate soul! I am so excited about the connection she has made with both my deceased grandfather and best friend. She is a clear and pure channel of light and love. I have spoken to her twice because there was so information to receive that I wanted more time to acquire more knowledge about my impending journey. Everything that Naomi told me resonated with me. For example, she smelled licorice, and that was Paw Paw's favourite. There were many personal details that she directly revealed that aligned to my highest self. I feel grateful for her wisdom and candor.

Currently, I am experiencing many transits in my life. This transformation is profound. I am blessed that Naomi is with me on this journey. Her insight has provided me with hope, optimism, and an urgency to continue on this beautiful path. I appreciate her more than my words convey and will be continuing my relationship with her as my spiritual advisor.

CiCi Smith

We had a very powerful and unique session together. Absolutely divinely guided and Naomi stuck with me through it all. It is one of those life changing experiences I will never forget. I highly recommend Naomi to anyone who's ready for the highest level of skill, depth and commitment from a Master at her trade who will walk hand and hand with you on a journey to your Soul.

Jen Buscher

Incredible reading by Naomi. For the whole hour she was 99% correct on everything including things that only myself or maybe one other person would know. I had seen mediums before but Naomi was the only one who made me feel like my Dad was talking to me through her instead of just messages for her to say. If you believe in mediums she is the only one you need to see.

Gary Fenrich

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